IMG_9419Currently seeking a Masters degree from the University of Denver, Chadwick Friedman specializes in Emergent Digital Tools and Practices. With a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Colorado in English Literature and Film Studies, Chadwick continues his passion for both written and digital aesthetics by pursuing all things technologically progressive. A partner with DU Solar & Alliance for Sustainable Colorado, Chadwick is highly involved with the sustainable design fields as well as speculative design and futurists theories. With a business background in Real Estate & Development and co-founder of Due Diligence International, Chadwick also has a variety of valuable experience in the corporate world. With his current focus on emergent technology, Chadwick specializes in many areas relating to digital media – some of these include: video editing, film, graphic design, programming, robotics, and web development. Chadwick hopes to continue developing tools that both empower and inspire people, as well as help create a sustainable society for future generations. Chadwick loves spending time with his family and his golden retriever, a few of his many hobbies include reading, screenwriting, photography, aviation, scuba diving, and skiing.