The Future of Working is Turking

mechanical-turk recently published an article describing the future of the workplace. The author states, “80-90% of the work that is currently being done will be automated in the next 20-30 years. In other words, bots (autonomous software) will do the work people used to do to earn a living.” This is an aggressive prediction but one that very well may be true. So what will the future job be for all of the worlds citizens? Turking. A simplified definition of turking is: a job that human beings do that bots aren’t able to do yet, however the job is done in a way that a bot would do it. Turking is very much real thing and Amazon already offers $ to anyone willing to turk( Currently Turking doesn’t pay much, however theoretically in the future turking companies could employ hundreds of millions of people. So what does this mean for society? It is a scary thought to think that most of the typical jobs done today with be automated in the near future. I however think that we as a human race will come up with new and innovative ways to keep the worlds citizens employed. Maybe it will be turking or maybe it will be something new entirely. The only real absolute is that technology is advancing at a rapid pace. Yes bots will replace many normal jobs but who has the right to say we will all be confined to this one profession of turking. If we run ourselves out of our own jobs then we will have to become more creative and innovative regarding new economic opportunities. I don’t care what you say about the efficiency of future bots… I would like to see a bot perform a surgery, play a professional sport or convict someone of a crime… In the end we are all in control of our own professional fate. Lets not let the bots take that from us too.