Destiny’s Underlying Critique of Consumerism


The ‘New Yorker’ recently published an article discussing consumerism in video games. Recently the highly anticipated video game “Destiny” was released. The game has a reported budget of 500 million dollars making it one of the most expensive video games ever created. The game itself is governed by rules and regulations that the designers implement into the game. One may ask, is this a form of capitalism? During gameplay, you are immersed in a world where you are required to work, and use the $ from your work to better improve your player and his equipment. All of these upgrades allow your player to become a better worker therefore allowing him to upgrade more rapidly. This has a very familiar feel to it… consumerism. The game wants you to be unhappy with your current skill level and possessions by reminding you that there is always upgrades to be made(better clothes, gun, abilities). Another interesting aspect to this is the online factor. Unless your player is maxed out with all of the best gear, your social status is nonexistent. As many games today follow this model(forcing users to purchase better equipment)it is apparent that rather than game play, story line and perfect graphics, consumerist systems are what game creators are most focused on.