Facebook’s Internet Drones


Recently ‘The Verge’ published an article describing Facebook’s plan to place drones the size of 747s in our airspace that will fly for months or even years at a time. In other words, Facebook wants it’s own satellites. Facebook claims the “drones” main purpose is to bring internet connectivity to developing countries allowing them easier access to the namesake social network. I say this is absolute bullshit. As we know Facebook is worth around 200 billion dollars making them pretty much unstoppable when it comes to new ideas. But I must ask why focus on drones for developing countries? How bout you take a few of those billion dollars and help these developing countries get access to clean food and water. Maybe Facebook is naive enough to think that all the world wants is social networking. Maybe Facebook has some ulterior motives and are actually trying to launch the drones to better track its users therefore providing feedback into industry and future capitalism. What we do know is that when Facebook wants something they make it happen. They claim they will start testing these drones as early as 2015. As this is most likely out of our control all we can do as users is speculate. I for one believe that spending billions of dollars in this fashion is a slap in the face. But hey… who needs clean food, water and medicine when you can have Facebook! Maybe next time developing countries.

Original article (http://www.theverge.com/2014/9/24/6839225/facebook-says-its-internet-drones-will-be-the-size-of-747s)