Solar Energy Project (GreenEdp)

Solar Energy Project (GreenEdp)

My Sustainable Design class is currently conducting a stage 1 feasibility study for solar/alternative materials energy offsets for the Emergent Digital Practices program and C-cubed Studios. This includes surveys for energy and material resource consumption in the studios, a draft proposal for alternative materilas/energy offset and management plan, stage 2 site-survey by alternative energy group and funding summary and proposal. The Final output is currently being compiled and the proposal will soon be ready for submission to administrative, donor or organizational funding.

GreenEDP is a living laboratory where undergraduate, graduate, and professional students engage with staff and faculty to pilot new eco-driven solar technologies and policies for the Emergent Digital Practices program at the University of Denver. GreenEDP hopes to help the University of Denver become a leader in sustainability and build on its reputation as a progressive, forward thinking institution.

My speculative Design images focus mainly on the Shwayder Art Building & surrounding areas. The front of the building faces SW and receives the most sun.

My concepts includes solar panels attached to the Shwayder Building itself, a solar sign above the main entrance, as well as numerous solar trees and benches in the surrounding area. The benches also double as charging stations and water fountains.

All other concepts and designs can be found at the Emergent Digital Practices sustainability website 

In the future we hope to add tutorials for energy efficiency, as well as tools for taking carbon footprints.

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